John Sweeney Signs With ESM, Chokes Out Sales at LFA17

We are thrilled to have bantamweight fighter John Sweeney sign with Empire Sports Management.

Sweeney began wrestling in 7th grade, which later gave him a solid foundation for MMA when he started training at age 17 after being encouraged to do so by his father.

Now just 22, Sweeney trains and fights out of Upstate Karate-Pitch Black MMA in Simpsonville, South Carolina, where he boasts an amateur record of 5-1 and a pro record of 2-0.

In his second pro fight, Sweeney, 22, continued his winning streak to five in a row with a first-round submission victory over Shelton Sales at LFA17 on July 21st.

Sweeney is up for getting as much fight experience in as possible before realizing his goal to fight in the UFC, which he hopes will happen in the next two years. Case-in-point, just two weeks after his last win, Sweeney gears up to face Devante Sewell in the co-main event of NFC98 in Atlanta.

The up-and-coming Sweeney isn’t shy about predicting a stand-up war at NFC98 and a first-round knockout over Sewell.

Welcome to ESM, John. We’re looking forward to great things happening for you in your MMA career.

What if Conor McGregor Beats Floyd Mayweather?

by: Ned Obi

Humour me for a minute.

Al Bernstein: “Unbelievable scenes here at the MGM Grand tonight. I’m lost for words.. I’m speechless.. over to you Mauro.”

Mauro Ranallo: “In an amazing turn of events, UFC lightweight champion, and MMA superstar Conor McGregor has just done the unthinkable… (pregnant pause) he’s shocked the world; he’s rocked the boxing establishment to its very foundations – Al, can you believe it?”

Al Bernstein: “Wow! Just wow! How does Floyd come back from this? I mean, this is his worst nightmare come true – the greatest fighter of his era is no longer undefeated. Hell, the pound-for-pound great was slept by a fighter with an 0-0 ledger coming into this bout.”

Mauro Ranallo: “I can’t think of any conceivable way Floyd comes back from this. This is an absolute – absolute disaster.

Al Bernstein: “Forget boxing, we just witnessed the biggest upset in the history of sport – any sport.”

Mauro Ranallo: “McGregor’s go-to weapon of choice – the straight left, hit Floyd flush on the button, and…”

Al Bernstein: “The referee waved the bout over almost immediately – Floyd was out for the count – a fourth-round knockout.”

Mauro Ranallo: “On a night of unmitigated drama, “The Notorious” McGregor defied the odds and rewrote the history books – forever leaving an indelible blot on the annals of boxing.

(Gasps) “That’s it folks – it’s a wrap. Thank you for tuning into Showtime Championship Boxing. From me and Al, good night, and see you next time.”

The above scenario can only be described as chimerical at best – the chances of McGregor accomplishing such a feat against boxing’s non pareil, is like it snowing in hell – and that ain’t happening anytime never.

McGregor might be one the best exponents of MMA boxing in a cage – 18 knockouts in 21 wins, however, under the Marquess of Queensberry rules, he’s a novice to say the least – amateur background or not – sparring with high calibre boxers or not.

In fact, the Irishman could train nothing else but boxing for five years, and still wouldn’t stand a chance against the 40-year-old five-weight world champion.

Those 4 oz mitts might bring about comatose like results in mixed martial arts, but in boxing, the norm is 10 oz gloves, and they will vitiate his heralded power by two-plus.

Furthermore, how many times has Mayweather been rocked in his 49-0 storied career? At most three.

Also, when was last time Mayweather hit the deck? Never, unless you factor in the Zab Judah fight, and that’s debatable.

For anyone to even envisage such an outcome is arrantly asinine, and don’t even mention a puncher’s chance.

Yet, there are people who actually believe McGregor can pull off the inexecutable – the facetious, the fugacious armchair supporters, the casuals, and dare I say, even a few of boxing’s cognoscenti.

Perish the thought – script has been written – this ain’t the movies – this is real life. This is the sweet science, and Mayweather is the landlord. McGregor is allowed to take up a minute piece of Real Estate, but that’s as far as it goes.

If and when Conor McGregor steps into ring against Floyd Mayweather Jr., his kismet is sealed.